So you want the Wolves to be good? You'll have to pay for it

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With great success (in the Wolves case marginal success) comes great opportunity. With great opportunity comes great cost, and in this case, that cost is being passed along to you, the fan.

The Wolves announced today that, to go along with their improved play this year that has brought them within eight wins of their 2012-13 total with 37 games to play, their season-ticket prices will go up next year.

The cheapest seats will rise nearly 40 percent from this season, while the cost of premium tickets will go up a negligible amount, with $20 and $29 per game passes rising 17 percent. The overall season-ticket numbers across the board look almost as high as they did when Kevin Garnett still wore a Minnesota uniform.

You'll still be able to get season passes for as low as $300, with the high end costing you a cool $9,000.

This is the second season in a row the Wolves have raised ticket prices, and the hike last year caused Minnesota to lose roughly 1,500 season-ticket commitments.

Minnesota is above .500 for the first time since Nov. 23 and currently rest two games outside a playoff spot in the Western Conference.

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