Someone found a photo of Bud Grant as a high school basketball player

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It's fairly well known that Bud Grant was a really good basketball player before becoming the greatest coach in Minnesota Vikings history, but have you ever seen his high school basketball picture?

Someone on Reddit posted a picture of Grant's high school team. Reddit user, "drunkinwisconsin," posted the photo saying a bartender's dad in his hometown went to school with Grant.

You can see Grant holding the basketball in the No. 13 jersey. He played at Central High School in Superior, Wisconsin, before being drafted by the Minneapolis Lakers in the fourth round of the 1950 NBA Draft.

Notice how Grant is the only guy on the team sporting some bling with that necklace? Not bad, Bud Grant. Not bad.

Here's another picture of Grant after the Lakers won the NBA title in 1950. He's to the right of the coach and wearing No. 20.

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