Spellcheck: Workers at new Vikings stadium get 'Minesota' winter hat


In 2010, the spelling police failed to make sure the back of then-Vikings defensive tackle Kevin Williams' jersey was error-free.

According to NFL.com, whoever stitched his name on the back of the jersey was farther off than a recent Blair Walsh field goal attempt: W-I-L-L-A-I-M-S

Last year, a grammar gaffe featured Teddy Bridgewater apparel at Target with the then-rookie's name spelled: B-R-I-D-E-W-A-T-E-R


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a third time and ...

The latest spelling failure comes via a knit Vikings stocking cap, with Minnesota missing a letter: M-I-N-E-S-O-T-A.

The caps were given to construction workers working on U.S. Bank Stadium as a gift after they successfully installed the final steel beam on Thursday, the Star Tribune reports.

The Vikings said the hats came from an "NFL-licensed vendor" and that the typos were quickly noticed, with new hats ordered and to be delivered to all construction workers "as soon as possible."

Maybe it was the Vikings' way of showing solidarity with its fans, who were found earlier this year to have the worst spelling and grammar out of all NFL fans, according to analysis by Grammarly and the Wall Street Journal.

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