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Spielman: 'A lot of movement' coming in draft; Turner 'impressed' with Ponder


The Minnesota Vikings made a big splash in the 2013 NFL Draft, trading Percy Harvin to Seattle for a package that included a first-round pick that turned into Xavier Rhodes, and on draft day trading a package of picks for a first-rounder that was eventually Pro Bowl return man Cordarrelle Patterson.

From the way general manager Rick Spielman is talking, the moving and shaking won't be confined to last year's draft.

Spielman speaking to the Star Tribune:

"We have eight (draft picks) right now and a lot of that [movement] doesn’t happen until you’re on the clock. Heck, last year they pulled me out of a press conference to go get Patterson because you never know. But I really, really think we’re going to do a lot of movement in the draft.

"Everything is a possibility, we're in February."

Spielman said the goal is to have 10 picks on draft day, meaning some dealing may be coming with the current roster before draft day, despite the general manager's statement that most of the movement with picks doesn't come until a team is on the clock.

On another note, Vikings new offensive coordinator Norv Turner had plenty to say about third-year pro Christian Ponder this weekend, noting he has been "impressed" with the former Vikings first-round pick.

Ponder, the only quarterback currently under contract after Matt Cassel opted out of his deal with the Purple last week, has been underwhelming in his time with Minnesota, amassing a 14-20-1 record as a starter, while throwing just 38 touchdowns to 34 interceptions in his time with the Vikings.

Turner though, speaking to the Star Tribune's Sid Hartman, said patience is important when dealing with a quarterback.

"It’s a tough position and there’s some guys that get put in a unique situation and have success right away. There’s not a lot of them. Most guys it’s a process and there’s some struggles along the way to becoming the player they want to become.”

Turner said last week adding a young quarterback is something "everyone agrees" on, and will likely happen this offseason.

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