Spielman explains why he gave up so much to get Sam Bradford

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It took 48 hours for the Vikings to work out a trade with the Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford. The Monday Morning Quarterback's Peter King talked to both general managers involved in the deal – Rick Spielman of the Vikings and Howie Roseman of the Eagles – and the inside look is amazing.

Roseman demanded the Vikings' 2017 first-round pick, which was actually less than what a lot of other teams were asking from the Vikings, Spielman told King. And once Spielman got approval from Vikings ownership, he pulled the trigger on the trade that might end up saving the Vikings' season.

"That’s when I got more aggressive with Howie. I knew it would be a significant compensation, asking a team to give their starting quarterback eight days before the start of the season. I will do everything in my power to always give us the best chance to win, and it came down to—this is what we’re dealing with. I can’t change that. We have a good football team, a young football team.

Parting with the one, I knew I still had eight picks next year, including two threes and two fours. What really was significant for us was the second year of the contract with Sam. No one knows how long it’s going to take Teddy to recover. I had one other thing going with another team on Friday, but we liked Sam a lot."

Read the rest of the story for more of the awesome details.

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