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Spielman: Still no timeline set for Teddy Bridgewater's return

The Minnesota Vikings still don't have a timeline on when or if Teddy Bridgewater will return from his knee injury.

August 30th was the day that altered the Minnesota Vikings season and quite possibly the future of the organization. That was the day that Teddy Bridgewater went down with a devastating knee injury that ended his season.

Since the injury there haven't been a lot of details available on Bridgewater's recovery. Vikings GM Rick Spielman told reporters Thursday there is still no timeline set for Bridgewater's return.

"Internally, there is no timeline," Spielman said. "Every player goes through rehab. Teddy is attacking his rehab as diligently as he can. He's putting everything into it so he can get back on the field as quickly as he can."

Spielman said the Vikings are encouraging their 24-year-old signal caller in his rehab and recovery, but he said they are not going to rush him either.

Spielman added that Bridgewater is doing rehab exercises to regain motion in his knee and leg, but hasn't started doing quarterback activities yet.

Reports earlier in the offseason said Bridgewater would miss the entire 2017 season and that his career may be in jeopardy. According to KFAN, Spielman couldn't say for certain if Teddy would ever play again, adding there are a lot of unknowns.

"It's totally unfair to say there's a timeline on Teddy Bridgewater because it's unknown," Spielman said. "No one knows where he's going to be. I know where he's at today. No one knows where he's going to be at three months from now. You just have to react [based on] how he's reacting to his rehab, push as hard as he can, and when it happens, it happens. I don't have any concern that he's not going to do everything he possibly can to get back as quickly as he possibly can."

The situation puts the Vikings in a difficult spot with Bridgewater. Minnesota needs to decide in May if they are going to pick up Bridgewater's fifth year option – something Viking Update says now seems unlikely.

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