Spielman: Vikings looking to trade down from pick 11


Attention all NFL teams looking to move up in the NFL Draft, Rick Spielman wants to hear from you – or does he?

The Vikings general manager publicly stated during his pre-draft press conference that Minnesota is looking to trade down.

"I'm looking forward to potentially moving out of that pick, if at all possible," Spielman said. "I don't anticipate us moving up at this point, but I would love the opportunity to move down and collect more picks. My goal is always to have 10 picks, and one of the reasons for that is you get the opportunity to move up and down throughout that draft."

Pro Football Talk is quick to point out that most NFL general managers play it close to the vest when talking about their draft plans, but Spielman took the other road Wednesday during his press conference.

While there is no guarantee of future results. any good stock broker or investment expert will tell you the best indicator of future success is past results – and, Spielman has a certain affinity for making first round draft day trades.

  • 2012 – The Vikings traded down a spot to select Matt Kalil at No. 4 overall, attaining some extra picks, only to move back in the first round to select Harrison Smith at No. 29.
  • 2013 – Spielman was again wheeling and dealing. Coming into the draft he had two first-round picks after the Percy Harvin trade. He snagged Sharrif Floyd and Xavier Rhodes with those picks, but then he sent extra picks to New England to move up and select Cordarrelle Patterson near the end of the first round.
  • 2014 – After taking Anthony Barr at No. 9 overall, Spielman swung a deal to jump back into the first round to select Teddy Bridgewater at No. 32.

But we do throw out this cautionary caveat, just when you think you know what Spielman is looking to do.

"We may just stick at 11 this year if there's a player that falls to us who's just too good, we're not going to pass and just going to take him," Spielman added.

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