Sports clip o' the day: Bulls great Scottie Pippen shills subs in '91


Today's modern pro athelete - and even "amateur" ones - manage to rack up so many endorsements that they, themselves, become the brand, not the product.

For example, BringMeTheNews recently directed you to Lindsey Vonn's web site, which is chock so full of endorsements that it could pass as a site for some kind of sporting goods store - albeit one that might sell you a Rolex.

(To be fair, the brand that is Vonn has several charitable organizations on its site.)

It's enough to make an old sports fan pine for the good ol' days, when star athletes stayed close to home, probably got paid in cash or a car, and filmed some quickie, low-budget ad, like, say, for a heating and air conditioning company or an auto body repair service, or - in the case of the great swing man from your Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen - a subway sandwich shop.

As NBC's Pro Basketball Talk points out about this ad from 1991, there's nothing good about it, and nothing not to love. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is Pippen the Pitchman (and a couple cheerleaders of the "Chicago Luva Bulls") for Chicago's Mr. Submarine:

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