Sports clip o' the day: Burgundy bumped from SportsCenter after Manning interview


Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy has to be absolutely exhausted as his massive promotional campaign for Anchorman 2 winds down.

He's been from Bismark to Bristol and seemingly everywhere in between leading up to the Christmas release of the sequel to the original which was a smash hit in 2004.

No matter where Ferrell/Burgundy is, people take notice, so when Broncos superstar quarterback Peyton Manning was interviewed by Burgundy earlier this week, all eyes were glued to the dynamic duo that were unprecedentedly on the same screen ahead of Burgundy hosting SportsCenter at 5 p.m. today.

But as quickly as the hilarity of Burgundy/Manning is given, ESPN has taken laughs away from the viewing public, announcing Wednesday night that Burgundy would not host SportsCenter Thursday.

The reason given is the impending announcement on Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston's alleged sexual misconduct case.

Since we won't see you today Burgundy, you stay classy, and we'll patiently wait for the silver screen on Christmas.

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