Sports clip o' the day: 'My wife will at least shot fake one time'


The Southern Illinois Saluki basketball team lost to Murray State Tuesday night 73-65, but what happened afterward was more entertaining than the game.

SIU coach Barry Hinson went on a hilarious, rambling rant about the state of his basketball team that's probably destined to live in infamy. Some choice quotes can be found here, but we'll give you just a taste of just one:

“My wife…MY WIFE…can score more than two buckets on 11 shots because I KNOW my wife will AT LEAST SHOT FAKE one time.”

(The humor is enhanced by the fact that he sounds like Bobby Hill.)

This went on for nearly six minutes, which you can find with the link above, but we'll give you the highlight version, via the New York Daily News:

Hinson has since apologized, kind of. OK, not really, but he did say he felt bad about calling one player out by name, but on the Dan Patrick show, he pretty much stood by everything he said.

And ESPN has a couple of polls circling around the question, "Was Barry Hinson's rant an all-time great?"

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