Sports clip o' the day: Some bloke named McCartney really wants a Nets T-shirt

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Sir Paul McCartney – do we really have to explain who he is? – took in a Brooklyn Nets game Monday night, and, alas, despite his pleas for help and to love him do, he found out money couldn't buy him love.

OK, we'll stop with the Beatles puns, but all his lovin' couldn't get him the one thing he apparently so desperately wanted: A Brooklyn Nets T-shirt.

As NBC's Pro Basketball Talk notes, Macca was sitting among the people, not in a luxury box or courtside a la Jay-Z and Beyonce.

But even being the greatest living songwriter (even Bob Dylan says so) didn't mean that the cannon shooter didn't let him down. But Fox Sports, calling him "ever the gentleman," notes that he took a sad song and made it better, and just let it be.

Here's a replay in four-part GIFs, and we can't resist putting up one more photo to see how intently McCartney wanted one for the win.

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