Sports clip o' the day: Spike Lee feels the Love with a high five


There are basketball fans, and then are there are Basketball Fans, with Spike Lee arguably the most visible courtside presence outside of Jack Nicholson.

Yes, the filmmaker loves his Knicks, and even famously had a feud going with Reggie Miler of the Indiana Pacers, but sometimes, well, a good play is a good play, even if it's by the Knicks' opponents.

Such was the case Sunday at Madison Square Garden, as the Timberwolves beat the Knicks 109-100 on their home court.

Late in the game, Kevin Love hit a ridiculous off balance shot that got even Spike on his feet, and the two shared some sort of high five type action (though in Lee's case, it was more of a low five for Love) courtesy of NBC's Pro Basketball Talk:

Spike loves to high five, but it's usually with his Knicks people, like here.

In fact, Love seems to solicit the bro-ment, as SB Nation points out, but it seemed to make everyone happy in the end.

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