Sports clip o' the day: The NFL's most interesting man?


We here at the BringMeTheNews sports desk have already professed our admiration of Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, even though he beat the Vikings on a last-minute touchdown catch at Chicago during the second game of the season to deflate the Purple's hopes before the season had even slipped away.

Why? Because he's a quote machine, that's why. And interesting, at least beyond the normal say-nothing jock talk we've become accustomed to from professional athletes.

Apparently we're not the only ones who have noticed. ESPN's Rick Reilly caught up with the self-proclaimed "Black Unicorn" to paint a portrait of whom he calls "the most interesting man in the NFL."

Prepare to be amused, bemused and oddly touched as they discuss his animated cartoons, his fashion designing and his insistence that unicorns are real:


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