Sports clip o' the day: Wiggles record absurd song for U.S. rugby team


Warning: Ridiculous earworm ahead.

Today's sports clip has to do with the USA Tomahawks Rugby League team at the Rugby League World Cup. The USA successfully qualified at the third attempt for the World Cup with a pair of shocking victories over the Cook Islands and Wales, which have taken them to the cusp of a quarter-final spot.

Wait, it gets weirder. Enter the Wiggles, the wildly popular Australian band that delights the world with its special brand of kiddie music.

Through social media, Wiggles member Tony Field has befriended David Niu - the driving force behind rugby league in the United States over the past 20 years - and told him he would write a song about the Tomahawks, which the Wiggles then recorded on Monday.

That's about as much sense as we can make out of it. So here we go:

That hooky line about the president? It goes: "President Obama ... carve the face of Joseph Paulo on Mt Rushmore." Whoever he is.

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