Sports clip o' the day: You should probably start liking Dwight Howard


We know, Houston center Dwight Howard is a whiny baby that forced his way out of Orlando and alienated pretty much everyone in his one year with the Lakers.

You largely dismiss him as a top player in the league because of personality and off-court concerns, inability to do the simplest of tasks on the court (shoot free throws), and his overall lack of winning in his nine-year career.

But as disgruntled and pouty as he was in LA is how determined and awesome he is in Houston.

First, check out what he did for a few of his teammates for Christmas.

Here's picture evidence from the Instagram accounts of teammates James Harden and Chandler Parsons.

Holy timekeeping.

Also, if you aren't satisfied with the off-the-court exploits of Howard, check out a few articles on what he's doing on the court, this from Bleacher Report, and this from Detroit center Andre Drummond, who thanked Howard for dominating him last week.

Oh, and in addition to his presents to his teammates, here's a present from him to you, coming on Christmas day itself.

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