Sports clip o' the day: Young Pistons fan and usher bust serious moves

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Hey, sports fans, we're a wee bit late on this one, but it's worth watching, and it's still all viral on the InterWebs.

Normally at the BringMeTheNews sports desk, we get pretty cranky about the plethora of crowd shots at sporting events, both on television and at the sports venue. But this dance off between a young Detroit Pistons fan and an arena usher (who could give song-and-dance man Usher a run for his money) is bustin' some serious flair:

Hollywood Life, of all places, picked up the story and identified the two competitors, 11-year-old Antwain Alexander and 46-year-old Shannon Sailes, who is known as "The Dancing Usher" at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

ABC's Good Morning America reunited the two in a nice little story, where Antwain explains his moves: ""I have the sprinkler, then I like the ooh-kill-'em, then I got the Michael Jackson shoulders move, where he moves side to side, then I have the spin ... then I do the wave."

Nearly 6 million YouTube views and counting ...

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