Sports clip(s) o' the day: Northwestern's uniforms patriotic or gory?


Northwestern University players will be wearing special uniforms when they take the field against Michigan on Nov. 16 as part of a way to raise funds for the Wounded Warriors Project - nonprofit that services wounded veterans.

The uniforms, made by Under Armour, are supposed raise awareness and a little bit of cash for the project, but to some they appear to be distastefully blood-spattered. To others, the are about the most American uniform in the history America.

Under Armour has circulated a promo clip:

Bleacher Report calls the arrangement "classy," while USA Today says "Northwestern just put Uncle Sam, apple pie, Chevrolet, Yellowstone, Teddy Roosevelt’s horse and the flag into a blender and made these uniforms."

While Fox Sports notes the stars and stripes and "splattered blood" enthusiastically, Deadspin has been particularly critical - aside from deeming them (blank) ugly - saying "isn't 'flag covered in blood' a little on-the-nose for something honoring a group that operates programs for injured veterans?"

Who's right in this?

We'll offer this: The shoe-wear is, uh ... nifty?

So, to the clip o' the day. Here's the take from Daily Motion:

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