Sprewell: 'Success is just failure that hasn't happened yet'

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Latrell Sprewell is famous for two things in Minnesota.

  1. Helping the Timberwolves reach the Conference Finals in 2003-04
  2. A quote in which he said he needed more money to feed his family

After the 2003-04 season he went down in Minnesota sports infamy when he balked at a contract extension from the Wolves by saying "I got my family to feed." Sprewell didn't take an offer from the Wolves, the Star Tribune notes, and he played one more season before leaving the NBA for good.

As it turns out, Sprewell could have used more money. After making about $97 million during his NBA career, according to Basketball Reference, Sprewell has all but gone broke. Last July, Celebrity Net Worth reported that Sprewell was worth about $50,000.

But leave it to Latrell to make fun of himself in a Priceline commercial about financial success, where he ends the commercial telling a little girl that "success is just failure that hasn't happened yet."


Sprewell was a key cog in the Wolves glory season – if there is such a thing – of 2003-04, helping the Wolves reach the Western Conference Finals before losing in six games to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Wolves haven't returned to the playoffs since.

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