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Stefon Diggs, the NFL's best in tight coverage in 2017

Adam Thielen was high on this list, too.

It takes great hands to consistently come down with receptions when fighting off tight coverage, and no player in the NFL was better in those situations than Stefon Diggs was in 2017. 

According to the NFL's Nexgen Stats, Diggs caught 61.9 percent of his targets in tight coverage. 

"Diggs was the only qualifying wide receiver to haul in more than 60 percent of his tight-window passes. Diggs is a stunning route-runner with the ability to separate in a flash -- his ability to win catches even when he doesn't separate makes him an absolute chore for opposing defensive backs to cover."

Nexgen Stats defines "tight window" catches as "a throw where the intended receiver had less than a yard of separation from a defender." 

To see just how awesome Diggs' 61.9 percent catch rate was, simply consider that Antonio Brown of the Steelers hauled in just 40.9 percent of such targets. 

Diggs' teammate, Adam Thielen, hauled in 50 percent of "tight window" targets, good for fifth in the NFL. 

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