'Stephen Colboar' leads Saints into final season at Midway Stadium

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The final season of St. Paul Saints baseball at Midway Stadium begins tonight when the Saints open the regular season against the Gary Southshore RailCats.

Leading the team onto the field this season is "Stephen Colboar," named after TV personality and political comic Stephen Colbert, the team announced Wednesday.

During the previous 21 seasons the Saints have had a pig mascot and each has had a unique name. Many of the names play on hot topics of the year, current events or local celebrities. In 2012 the Saints had two mascots for the first time: Kim Lardashian and Kris Hamphries. Past names have included last season’s Mackleboar, Brat Favre (2010), Slumhog Millionaire (2009), Boarack Ohama (2008), Notorious P.I.G. – Piggy Smalls (2003) and Kevin Bacon (2001).

Other names that didn't quite make the cut were Johnny Hamziel and Teddy Bridgewiener, according to Ballpark Digest.

Our other favorites from years past include Hamlet (1997), Bud Squealig (2004) and Hammy Davis Jr. (2000).

According to the Pioneer Press, the pigs are owned by local farmers who get the pigs back after the season.

Midway Stadium has been home to the Saints for 21 seasons. The Star Tribune featured the journey the stadium, which Saints owner Mike Veeck called the ugliest in the country, has taken since the Saints began playing there in 1993.

The team credits the fans for making the Saints a fun attraction. It's high-level, minor league baseball, but the wacky between-inning antics, games and promotions are huge draws for fans.

“There weren’t people banging their doors down to come out here." Saints Executive Vice President Tom Whaley said. "Now it’s sort of symbolic with fun and a good time and that’s 110 percent the fans.”

Beginning next year, Saints baseball will be played in a new, 7,000-seat, stadium just outside the Lowertown Historic District in St. Paul. Learn more about the ballpark here.

Tonight's game begins at 7:05 p.m.

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