Stephon Marbury is locked in a room in China and can't get out

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This entire story is rather absurd, but would you expect any less from Stephon Marbury?

Things start innocently, with the former Wolves guard returning Wednesday to his Chinese Basketball League team, the Beijing Ducks, for the first time since an injury.

The third quarter comes around between Beijing and opponent Shandong FB, and after dishing out some pretty passes to his Beijing teammates, things get a tad chippy between Marbury and the opponent's big man.

Marbury would be ejected, and these pictures give you a better idea why.

It looks as if Marbury is punching a member of Shandong FB, though we can't know for sure if he connected or not.

Regardless, that was the reason stated for the ejection, and things would only get more ridiculous from there.

According to a FOX Sports story, Donnell Harvey, a member of Shandong FB, started trash-talking Marbury's trainer, and the two agreed to settle things after the game.

Once the Ducks won 99-95, pushing and shoving ensued between the two teams in a hallway leading to the locker rooms.

Apparently, Marbury's interpreter got punched, and next thing you know, Marbury is being held under lock and key.

What specifically led to Marbury being locked up? Was he jailed? Is he still jailed? Is his interpreter OK? Is throwing a half-hearted punch in a basketball game all you need to do to get thrown in the can in China?

There's speculation on both sides, although it sounds as if he wasn't put in the clink, and this was just a perfectly timed bit of photo journalism.

Officially though, we do not know the answer to these questions. We do know that StarBury, a four-time All-Star in the CBL and league champion in 2012, is still making waves halfway across the world, enough to get a statue.

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