'Straight Cash Homey' only exists because Packers fans mooned me, Moss says

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Randy Moss never would have said "Straight Cash Homey" if it weren't for Green Bay Packers fan mooning him during the 2004 season.

"Ya'll Green Bay Packer fans – ya'll about as responsible for this 'Straight Cash Homey' slogan as I am," Moss said on Instagram while signing the slogan on Vikings helmets. "If ya'll wouldn't have mooned me that year it would've never happened so we'd of never heard of Straight Cash Homey."

"But I'm making money now, dawg," Moss joked.

Moss was fined $10,000 for fake mooning the Green Bay crowd after scoring his second touchdown against the Packers in a playoff game the Vikings won 31-17. "Straight Cash Homey" is how he told a reporter he was going to pay the fine.



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