Straight talk homey: Moss had dreams to play in the NBA


Randy Moss. What a star he was when he played for the Vikings (1998-2004).

But what if Moss had taken a different path to professional sports?

Luckily, for NFL fans, it didn't happen, but Moss definitely thought about his chances of becoming a professional basketball player.

"I had hopes and dreams to play in the NBA," Moss said during a FOX Sports segment called "Straight Talk Homey." I think I went to a camp in Chicago and met Kevin Garnett and Shea Cotton and a couple others guys... so they made my decision to be a football player very easy, but hey...(laughter) don't let this old age fool you... I can still get down, now."

The name of the segment is a branch off the phrase "straight cash homey," which Moss made famous when a reporter asked him how he paid his fines.

Before you watch the Moss segment below, make sure you take time to relive his first career game with the Vikings via our latest edition of "Metrodome Memories."

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