Sunday's game was so cold Richard Sherman's eyelashes froze

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It was so darn cold Sunday that Seattle Seahawks all-pro cornerback Richard Sherman said his eyelashes froze.

Sherman joked that his contact lenses were also in danger of freezing while jogging during pregame warmups.

The game went down as the third coldest in NFL history, with the temperature at kickoff a bone-chilling minus-6 degrees.

The Legion of Boom's secondary stopper wasn't the only one to notice our sub-zero temps either, as several members of the national media joined in on the fun. The Weather Channel's Mike Seidel posted this tweet that probably seems ludicrous for football fans outside of the Midwest.

Vikings fan Abe Broman didn't have the luxury of a fire pit to thaw his brews and decided documented the beer-slushie phenomenon for those who've never seen the inside of an ice-fishing hut.

The intense cold even snapped the Viking's signature Gjallarhorn in an ominous bit of pregame foreshadowing, forcing the team to resort to a backup model from the Vikes' 2009 playoff run. How many Gjallarhorns does this team have, anyway?

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