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Super Bowl Ads: The best and worst, 2012

You couldn't escape the Super Bowl and you can't escape the statewide Monday-morning quarterbacking of those oh-so-clever advertisements that we only see once a year.

There are about 3.5 million stories out there declaring which Super Bowl ads were the best and worst. Here are a few links from Minnesota-based sources that dedicated themselves to this vital piece of Americana:

First, from SB Nation, Christopher Gates ranks his Top 5 in his "Hooks, Lines & Sinkers" blog. In his opinion, this was one of those years when the game might have been better than the commercials.

Chris White, also from SB Nation, offered his Top 3 choices, in which he accuses some of the creators of heavy drug use.

At the Duluth News-Tribune, sports columnist Rick Lubbers hands out what he calls the "Lubbsies" -- his annual nod to the best and worst of the Big Game ads. A side note: Lubbers should be given a Pulitzer for being the one person on Earth for saying that Flo from those Progressive Insurance commercials, "kind of creeps me out."

The USA Today's Ad Meter ranked all of the ads, and WCCO offers The Bottom 5, and it's no surprise at all that Go is represented twice in that list.

One non-ad related link: That supermodel Giselle swearing like a sailor because her husband couldn't win the Super Bowl. Who does she think she is, Randy Moss?

Another non-ad related link: The NFL and NBC would like to apologize for M.I.A., who gave the world a middle-finger salute during the halftime show. Who does she think she is, Bert Blyleven?

By the way -- as the Daily Norseman points out -- doesn't everyone know that the bird is the word? Peter Griffin certainly does:

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