Super Bowl postgame: All the commercials, video, and commentary recapped

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The Super Bowl, as a game, wasn't the most competitive we've seen.

A 43-8 rout that was never in doubt, the Seattle Seahawks and their loads of Minnesota connections are NFL champions and end the 2013 season with a bang one month into 2014.

The game was big, but the commentary and commercials were just as good, and in this case, probably better.

Here's some notable plays, as well as the best of commentary and all the commercials from the game in case you missed some.

We'll start with commercials to get that out there. Here's every ad, broken down by quarter, for your viewing enjoyment.

Big plays were pretty much all on the side of the Seahawks, and you can see the game-changers below, starting the first play from scrimmage.

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Perhaps the biggest play of the game was the nail in the coffin ex-Viking Percy Harvin delivered to Denver on the opening kickoff of the second half. Here's that video.

Some of the best commentary? We won't claim to have found it all, but here's some of our favorite notes, stories, and emerging storylines as they happened from the world of social expression, Twitter.

That's all for the NFL season, see you in September.

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