Super-preps Jones, Okafor vow package deal


It's not necessarily breaking news that Apple Valley's Tyus Jones and Chicago prep star Jahlil Okafor want to play college basketball at the same school, the newsworthy portion is how serious they are about.

Okafor and Jones, the one and two prospects in the nation according to Rivals, have been discussing a package deal for whatever school may want their services since last summer, but recent quotes have made it sound like the two have taken it as a foregone conclusion.

One quote to the Pioneer Press' Marcus Fuller: "We're most definitely excited to do it," said Jones. "We're very serious about doing it and think it's going to happen."

Okafor, when asked if it was a pipedream or farfetched, said to the Detroit Free Press: "Oh yeah, people think it's all of that. But, ya know, we don't really care about what people think."

Should the Chicago big man and the Minnesota hardwood quarterback take their massive potential to one school, it would make history.

Six schools have offered both of them scholarships: Ohio State, Michigan State, Arizona, Duke, Baylor, and yes, your maroon and gold.

One and a half of those don't belong on that list. Baylor is the half. You can figure out the rest.

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