Super St. Paul: Twins' Mauer, Ravens' Suggs go way back


It's amazing this story hasn't been publicized more than it is right now.

Twins star Joe Mauer and Baltimore Ravens star linebacker Terrell Suggs played sports together as kids growing up in St. Paul.

Suggs, a year older than Mauer, says Mauer was a "phenomenal" quarterback. Suggs played center and linebacker. They also played youth basketball together, where Suggs claims Mauer averaged "like 30-something points."

Suggs moved from St. Paul to Phoenix Arizona during his freshman year of high school.

Meanwhile, the Star Tribune has an interesting story about ex-Vikings lineman Bryant McKinnie. The big man, who is known for partying, says it's not tempting to party in New Orleans because he's focused on getting a Super Bowl ring.

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