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Ryan Suter at his best playing big minutes


There's no question Ryan Suter is a workhorse.

The Wild's $98 million defenseman led the NHL in minutes per game this season, and he spent a ridiculous 41 minutes and seven seconds on the ice in Game 1 against Chicago. It's a role Suter thrives in.

To put that in perspective, Michael Rozsival led the Blackhawks with just 27 minutes and 11 seconds of ice time.

Fellow $98 million man Zach Parise tells the Star Tribune that it's "unreal" that Suter isn't even breathing heavy after what seems like a two-minute shift.

Suter tells NHL.com that his "body feels fine" and he's "just getting ready" for Game 2 in Chicago Friday night.

Hockey Wilderness asks if Suter is really human?

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