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Talk of Harvin trade heats up; blowup with Frazier reported


Speculation about the Vikings trading receiver Percy Harvin has been simmering for some time, but now seems to be reaching the boiling point.

WCCO reported this weekend that Harvin's departure from the team last fall had more to do with a tirade directed at Head Coach Leslie Frazier than with Harvin's ankle injury. 'CCO's Mike Max reports Harvin is said to have had a similar outburst aimed at Frazier's predecessor, Brad Childress.

In a bit of tea-leaf reading, noticed that Harvin is absent from the poster the Vikings are using to promote season ticket sales.

While Harvin's off-field behavior may have soured the Vikings on him, his on-field skills are not in dispute and should generate no shortage of takers in a trade. The Bleacher Report notes that despite playing only nine games, Harvin led the Vikings in catches and receiving yards.

During an interview with KFAN on Friday, Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman talked about Harvin's status with the team, saying he remains a member of the Vikings and the team does not like to get rid of good players.

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