Target Center renovation hits snag

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Approval of the Vikings stadium deal approved earlier this year also included a deal to renovate Target Center. But those plans have been delayed as private and public interests tussle over how to parcel out the $100 million tab for fixing up the city-run arena, the Star Tribune reports.

City officials have said they now expect a 50-50 split, with equal shares paid by public and private interests, namely, the Minnesota Timberwolves and venue operator AEG. The Wolves haven't approved the $100 million pricetag or agreed to pay 50 percent. In fact, the team was told it would be on the hook for only about one-third the cost, Ted Johnson, a senior vice president of the Timberwolves, tells the Star Tribune.

Stakeholders say amenities at the 22-year-old facility, which hosts about 200 events a year, can't compete with peer arenas. There was some good news recently: The overall estimated cost has come down considerably, from about $150 million to $100 million.

Here's more background on the renovation project.

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Renovating the 22-year-old Target Center, home of the Minnesota Timberwolves, has been a controversial piece of the deal to construct a new Vikings stadium, but the estimated cost of the project hasn't been easy to pin down. It was about $150 million last year, but now it's down to $100 million, it was revealed Thursday night at the first meeting of a panel charged with overseeing the renovation, the Star Tribune reports. Why? Answers have been vague.