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Target Field officials scan crowd with 170 security cameras


FOX 9 reports that officials at Target Field use 170 cameras strategically located around the stadium to keep an eye out for fights, medical emergencies, maintenance issues and other incidents.

More than 3 million people visit the ballpark each year, and stadium officials have an elaborate eye-in-the-sky system to help keep them safe, Twins officials told FOX.

Of course, the high-tech devices also record crimes, and cameras themselves have been in the spotlight again after playing a key role in the identification of suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. The cameras allow security officials to zoom in on individuals and capture fairly clear images, FOX reports.

Forbes wrote about the state-of-the-art, high-definition Avigilon camera system last year, noting they offer full megapixel resolution and ample, affordable storage space.

Twins spokesman Kevin Smith tells FOX the cameras are a deterrent. "If someone does something untoward in this ballpark, there's a pretty darn good chance they'll be on camera, and there's a really good chance that if they are, we can identify that person."

FOX spoke to several fans who don't mind that "big brother" was watching their every move. Check out more of FOX 9's story:


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