Tecmo Bowl, Punch out, among the classic sports game on new tiny NES


Those of us who identify ourselves as sports nerds are probably every bit as excited for the return of the Nintendo (albeit in tiny form) as the regular gamers – and for good reason.

Some of the all-time classic sports games were on the Nintendo system, and the good news is that some of them will be available preloaded on the NES mini.

The one that will have almost every football fan excited is the return of the original Tecmo Bowl.


But that's not the only sports classic that returns.

Also back is Punch Out – but as CBS Sports notes, the final opponent isn't going to be Mike Tyson. It's going to be Mr. Dream.

"Tyson's contract with Nintendo apparently expired just before he lost to James "Buster" Douglas, so the company chose not to negotiate a new contract. Instead, they elected to go with Mr. Dream as the final opponent in the 1990 re-release."


The other sports-themed game included on the new NES mini is Excitebike.

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