Teddy Bridgewater honors Prince with new 'Purple Rain' call

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To the delight of thousands of fans at training camp, Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater is barking out signals while at the same time honoring Prince.

Just debuted Sunday, Bridgewater is now yelling out "Purple Rain...Purple Rain" when starting a play. ESPN is already dubbing it Teddy's "signature call" when he comes to the line.

Just as Peyton Manning belted out and made famous "Omaha," Teddy's call of "Purple Rain" at the line is his choice and his way to tip the cap to Minnesota's legendary artist, according to ESPN. "Purple Rain" was Prince's signature 1984 film and album.

Prince was also a big Minnesota sports fan. He died in April and will be honored at U.S. Bank Stadium with a tribute concert this October.


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