Teddy Bridgewater trolls fans with 'I'm out' tweet

Teddy with an outstanding troll job on Twitter.
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Teddy Bridgewater got everyone going on Twitter Wednesday night when he tweeted, "I'm out." 

Then he paused three minutes while the Twittersphere tried to figure out what "I'm out" meant. Among the theories: 

  • His career is over
  • He's not returning to the Vikings

After three minutes of probably laughing his butt off, Bridgewater sent out a follow-up tweet: "As in done tweeting for the night." 

Well played, Teddy. 


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Seriously though, this could be it for Bridgewater in Minnesota. It's expected that he'll become a free agent, and ESPN's Adam Schefter recently reported that there is a market for Bridgewater as a starting quarterback. 

Whether that market includes the Vikings is unclear. 

Teams can start talking contracts with free agents on March 12. The signing period begins March 14. 

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