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Teddy Bridgewater walking, will he make it back to the NFL?

Teddy Bridgewater shows progress following knee surgery.

There are a lot of questions being asked about the playing future of injured Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater was lost for at least this season, on Aug. 30 when he suffered what was described as a knee dislocation during a non-contract drill during a Vikings preseason practice.

The injury required multi-ligament reconstruction surgery and has cast a cloud over Bridgewater's future in the NFL.

While it has been weeks since Teddy has talked to the media, he is continuing to rehab. The big news this week came from something reported by ESPN from Vikings team doctor Eric Sugarman.

"He's eight weeks post-op. He's doing really well. He's regaining his range of motion and regaining strength. He's now walking without crutches. He has a brace that is a little less profile and opens to normal range of motion ... so he's progressing well."

There still has been no timeline established for when Bridgewater might realistically return to the field. That has helped fuel speculation about his situation.

Last week there were reports that some doctors around the league wondered if he would ever make it back.

News of Bridgewater walking, in no way indicates that he'll be ready for 2017, or even guarantees his return to the league at all, but it does show that Bridgewater is making progress.

And just eight weeks after surgery it's hard to ask for anything more than that.

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