Teddy is at Vikings practice and he's smiling! And Zimmer is tying his shoe!

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That's a good face to see at Vikings practice.

Teddy Bridgewater made a cameo appearance on the Vikings' Snapchat Monday – a little video where he jokes about being scared of defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd, then flashes that big, cheesy grin at the end.


The third-year quarterback is recovering from that gruesome, season-ending knee injury he suffered last week. And instead of being on the field preparing for the season-0pener, he's on the sidelines sending out snaps while the Vikings ponder whether to start Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford.

Head coach Mike Zimmer though said Monday he had a good story for reporters about Bridgewater, and treated everyone to this little anecdote.

"He's here every day, down in the training room. Same kid he always is, smile on his face. And Xavier Rhodes, he always comes in and ties his shoe. [Teddy is] sitting there, he can't reach his shoe, so Xav does it. So I was down there today, and I tied it for him. I'm the shoe-tier now."

Which is a story of course people love.




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