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That guy the Vikings nearly killed is getting free glasses

This guy is the definition of tough!

Not everyone pays attention to football, so they might not know how the Vikings-Cardinals game turned out Sunday. But anyone who pays attention to social media has probably seen the hit that Bernie Beaudry took.

Beaudry works on the FOX Sports sound crew, where he helps capture the bone-jarring collisions on the field. Little did he know that he would be on the receiving end of a bone-jarring hit. Just as players were running out for introductions he tried to sneak in front of the Dragon-headed ship the Vikings were about to run out of, only he didn't time it very well.

Introducing: the bone-jarring hit on Bernie.

I hope Bernie Beaudry is ok tomorrow morning!!!! Tough sucker though, I know he finished the game!????#watchout #lookbothways #soundlikeabigchoochootrain #ouch #minnesota #vikings #minnesotavikings #skol

A video posted by Brian Robison (@brianrobison96) on Nov 20, 2016 at 2:29pm PST

Beaudry ran right into Vikings defensive linemen Linval Joseph and Brian Robison. Following the collision, Robison and Everson Griffen helped him back up.

"Poor guy," Robison told reporters Monday. "We took off out of the tunnel, and I'm pretty sure he took a good lick from me and Linval. I felt bad for the guy. I was trying to help him up, and he was hurting pretty bad."

Both Robison and Joseph plan to sign a picture and send it to Beaudry as a way to remember the moment.

The hit didn't rattle Beaudry though, he went right back to work and finished the game holding the parabolic mic for FOX.

And he even received some good will from businesses willing to fix his glasses.

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