The Baggie, Dome's right field wall, auctioned to collectors


Wonder what they'll do with it.

The Associated Press reports 190 bidders got in on the online auction of the Metrodome's old right field wall. Collectors paid a combined $3,025 for pieces of what fans and players called the "Baggie." The two sections are both 16 feet high and 190 feet long. One went for $2,025 and the other for $1,000.

When the Minnesota Twins played at the Metrodome from 1982-2009, left-handed hitters took aim at the dark blue wall a mere 327 feet from home plate. To make up for the short distance, the fence was extended for a total height of 23 feet. When balls bounced off the wall, it rippled like a garbage bag, giving the back wall the nickname.

Several features of the Minneapolis stadium have been available for auction, including pitcher's mound. More than a dozen items used at the Dome have been posted on the state’s online auction site.

Earlier this year, duffel bags and handbags made by a Duluth company made from the Dome's liner went on sale. The liner became available to collectors when the stadium roof collapsed three years ago.

Demolition of the Metrodome is scheduled for next year.

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