The best flow in high school hockey: Here's the 2016 'All Hockey Hair Team'

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It’s as great a tradition as the tournament itself: The All Hockey Hair Team has been announced.

And this year's video is just as great – packed with sick flow, spicy salad and all of those entertaining quips from the commentator we look forward to year after year.

No. 1 on this year's all hockey hair team is a few players from Burnsville. The video's creator compared four members of the team to the "village people of hockey hair," noting the lineup went: beard, mullet, ginger, afro.

Without further adieu – the 2016 all hockey hair team:

The video's creator, who remains anonymous, spoke with the Star Tribune about his process to pick the best flow at the tournament. Read that story here.

“Hockey and hockey hair is sort of our Minnesota super powers,” he told the paper. “They make us different. When you have six months of winter you might as well have something awesome to do.”

The Pioneer Press says this year's video will be featured on ESPN E:60 this spring. The show's producer saw last year's video – which has had more than 2.5 million views – and fell in love, the paper says.

The 2016 video was posted late Saturday night, and people on social media were already raving about it Sunday morning:

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