The local media is beating the bejeebus out of the Minnesota Twins - Bring Me The News

The local media is beating the bejeebus out of the Minnesota Twins


It's not hard to find people that can't stand to watch the 2013 version of your Minnesota Twins.

Today, though, is a special day.

We may be making this up, and it's a hard stat to quantify, but today may be the most hate-filled Twins day of the 2013 calendar year.

Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband, because for many Twins enthusiasts, September 18 marked the day that playtime ended.

Jim Souhan starts out our twelve-round bout of the media vs. the 2013 Minnesota Twins in a rather fair fashion, stating that the hometown nine must spend money for pitching, or losing will continue.

Baseball Outsider tried to take a fair stance in examining Mike Pelfrey's hideous 2013.

Twins Daily was slightly more dooming of pitcher Liam Hendriks career, saying we may have seen the last of him.

It gets slightly self-loathing when Aaron Hicks admitted he didn't feel good about what happened at the Major League level this year, and that he won't play winter ball this offseason.

Fox Sports North feels the need to break down all the painful losses Twins fans have had to endure lately.

Twins Daily once again weighs in on the 40-man roster, calling a large number of the players "dead weight."

Deeper into negativity we plunge with Patrick Reusse of the Star Tribune, who didn't waste any time, titling his article "I've seen 'em all. I hate this Twins team the most."

A dark way to conclude the media hate-fest, as Twins Daily writes a postmortem for a season that still has 12 games still left in it.

And you fans, even you have turned your back on your team, according to Twins beat guy Lavelle E. Neal III.

Hey, we can't blame you.

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