The Minnesota Timberwolves' new 'City' edition jerseys have a wolf fur pattern

What do you think of this latest look?

When Nike took over NBA jersey duty this season, they promised four jerseys per team. The Timberwolves (and most teams) had unveiled three up to this point:

The standard two are the blue and white ones, and the third "Statement" jersey is that exceedingly green one unveiled in September.

On Wednesday morning, the fourth and final jersey dropped:

The "City" edition gets rid of the blue and green in favor of a sleek gray, which Nike says follows the "Bold North" theme the state seems to be adopting.

"The primary color celebrates the tonal gray winter coat of the wolf, while the white mimics the snow-covered land that is the North," Nike says. 

The Wolves, on their website, say the design (it's especially noticeable on the back) recalls "the North’s wintry characteristics and the guard hairs of a wolf during the frozen season."

Very dramatic. Also, pretty cool.

You can check out Nike's unveiling of most other teams' "City" jerseys here (and some are ridiculously creative).

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