The missed field goal: PA's radio call, video of upset fans' reaction

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Fans leaving TCF Bank Stadium on Sunday were mostly silent, with the exception of random – loud – curses about Vikings kicker Blair Walsh after he missed a 27-yard field goal that would have sent the Vikings to Arizona for a NFC Divisional playoff game against Cardinals.

Instead, heartbreak. The Seahawks defeated the Vikings 10-9. The radio play-by-play call from Paul Allen sums it up perfectly.

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"Walsh's kick is up and it is ... no good! He missed it! Are you kidding me! The season can't end like that! He missed it left!"

“It’s an absolute aorta-smasher," Allen told MMQB's Peter King, while adding "that kick was a 99 percent lock."

Statistically, it was a 98.9 percent lock. Prior to Walsh's miss, NFL kickers made 189 of 191 field goals from 27 yards or less this season, according to MMQB.

Seattle's radio call: "It's no good! Are you kidding me! It's no good! Oh, baby, it's Christmas in Minnesota and the Seahawks have dodged a bullet."

Instead of a probable victory, the Vikings are done, leaving fans heartbroken, like this guy, who thought the kick was good (end of video includes language NSFW).

Another very NSFW video shows a grandpa slamming his cane on the ground after watching Walsh miss.

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