The misses are a hit! Mauer twins come home while Joe's on the road


Right off the bat, Twins catcher Joe Mauer appears to have taken to fatherhood.

Before Sunday's game against the White Sox, the new father of twin girls said he was looking forward to getting off the road and playing some small ball with the babies.

The Pioneer Press reported that Emily and Maren went home Friday after spending 2-1/2 weeks under observation at Children's Hospital.

"Everybody at United and Children's has been fantastic," Mauer said in Chicago. "The girls are doing great because of that. They're gaining weight. The biggest thing for them was to get them feeding on their own."

He covered his bases keeping track of the domestic scene when his wife Maddie conducted a family FaceTime phone conversation Saturday.

"Kind of cool, but they were probably wondering what the heck Mommy was doing holding the phone over them," Mauer said. "Holding them will be a lot better."

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