The 'obscene gesture' that got Dwight Howard fined $25,000

Yeah, you can't make that gesture toward a fan.

The Timberwolves walloped the Charlotte Hornets in a 112-94 win on Sunday.

However, Hornets center Dwight Howard was fined for $25,000 by the NBA for a gesture towards fan while arguing with a referee that Karl-Anthony Towns fouled him.

What did Howard do exactly?

Well, watch the video:

You can clearly see Howard motion a sign toward his crotch, as if he was a member of professional wrestling stable D-Generation X. If you're not familiar with 'DX' – here's what were talking about.

I was covering that Timberwolves game in press row on Sunday, and fans from all over the arena were heckling Howard the entire game.

Cleary, he eventually had enough. But now he'll pay for it.

The 2017-18 season is Howard's 14th in the NBA and his first in Charlotte. He's made stops in Orlando, Los Angeles, Houston and Atlanta.

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