The Onion mocks Moss, says all 32 NFL teams lining up to sign him


The satirical news website The Onion is having some fun at former Viking wide receiver Randy Moss' expense.

The headline of a new article posted by The Onion Saturday says it all: "All 32 NFL Teams Eagerly Lining Up For Chance To Sign Randy Moss, Reports Randy Moss."

The piece comes in the aftermath of San Francisco 49er's proclamation during Super Bowl week, where he said he was "greatest" wide receiver of all time.

Here's are a couple of "quotes" from The Onion "article."

"After leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl with yet another stellar season, Randy Moss is going to be the hottest free agent pickup of 2013," said Moss … Teams are already clearing cap space and making room on their roster just in case they have a shot at landing Moss. He’s far and away the best receiver in the league, so frankly even the slightest prospect of signing him is enough to have every GM excited."

Moss was not only singled out by the likes of Cris Carter about his "greatest" remark, he also faced the wrath of former NFL commentators and former 49ers greats Bill Romanowski and Dwight Clark after the 49ers' 34-31 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Before the Super Bowl, Moss said win or lose, he intended on playing at least one more season.

The Onion's idea of Moss interviewing himself isn't a first. See video of Moss interviewing himself during his short return to the Vikings below.

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