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'The Soup' pokes fun at Kris Humphries

E has a little fun with this clip from Good Morning America, in which the basketball player looks stone-faced as his mother talks about the family working through his troubled relationship with Kim Kardashian.

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Kris Humphries: Even my proposal was fake

Before you can say "That's not news!"...check this out: Minnesota native Kris Humphries is reportedly saying that his proposal to Kim Kardashian was completely staged. According to RadarOnline.com, Humphries wanted to propose to Kim in his home state, but she told him where, when and how to do it. Their marriage lasted 72 days.

TMZ: Minnesota comes between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

One-time Hopkins High and Gophers basketball star Kris Humphries' sojourn through glamour and glitter is ending. Gossip website TMZ reports the free agent is divorcing with socialite and reality TV star Kim Kardashian, just 72 days after their high profile $10 million wedding. The website reports a key issue is Kardashian's refusal to ever move to Minnesota

Kris Humphries accuses ex-girlfriend of extortion

The tabloids can't seem to leave poor Minnesota kid Kris Humphries alone. According to TMZ, the ex-Mr. Karadashian now claims another ex-flame -- Myla Sinanaj -- tried to extort money from him or she'd give the media "damaging" information about their relationship.

Kris is not the only Humphries in divorce court

While Kris Humphries' divorce drags on longer than his marriage lasted, his parents are reportedly also splitting up. The basketball star's father, William Humphries, owns a chain of hamburger restaurants across Minnesota. The elder Humphries' union lasted considerably longer than Kris' 72 day marriage to reality TV celebrity Kim Kardashian.