The view from 1-6? Not so good, according to Frazier, Robison


For all the second guessing that comes with pro football - where even tossing the challenge flag can become a debate that surpasses presidential proportions - nobody is probably doing more of it now than Vikings coach Leslie Frazier.

Let's skip all the second-guessing that has been going on with Frazier, and, in fact, let's not even analyze the team on the field. The fact is, the coach appears to be dumbfounded.

Pro Football Talk reports thusly: "There was no scenario in my mind that told me we’d be 1-6 at this juncture," Fazier says,

(The quote actually comes from this KSTP story, but is a little buried under some other things.)

That record, one-and-six ... just kinda sticks in your mouth like some extra-dry peanut butter.

The Pioneer Press reports that defensive end Brian Robison, who just signed a contract extension last week, is having trouble swallowing the team's record as well.

"Frustration. That's the best way I can characterize it," Robison said Monday, a day after the Vikings fell 44-31 at home to Green Bay, according to the PiPress. "I'm very surprised. I really thought we did something that we could build on (from last year). With the way we worked during the offseason, with the way we worked during training camp, I really felt like we had an opportunity to be a really good football team, and I hate to say it just hasn't panned out for us that way."

The Vikings (1-6) have already lost as many games as they did all of last season while making a surprising run to the playoffs, according to the Associated Press. "I do understand why we are where we are," Frazier says, perhaps in a little shell shock. "I do believe we can get some things fixed and get going here. There’s definitely some things we have to work on to get done, but I do believe it’s possible to get it done.”

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