There are experts, then there are these people: BMTN predicts Bears-Vikings - Bring Me The News

There are experts, then there are these people: BMTN predicts Bears-Vikings


Here we go, the stretch run of the suddenly-elimintion-style season-long Vikings predictions at Bring Me The News.

Last week, editor-in-chief Amy Hockert was eliminated, and this week, someone else has to go.

If you don't predict, you're out of the family, even on Thanksgiving week.

With the field down to five as of last week, the stakes were raised, and predictably, none of these predictors raised their games.

But we're being harsh, who could've predicted a tie? Even newcomer Aaron Ziemer, who correctly predicted John Carlson's first touchdown as a Viking, couldn't nail this one, so what chance did mere mortals have?

Here's what we know.

Night sports guy Joe Nelson picked the Packers big, and even more foolishly, sports yes-man Mike Gallagher picked the Vikings big.

Ziemer was the only other predictor to actually predict, and he had the Vikings in a tight one.

Better, but still not good enough to get a major boost in the standings.

Since points technically have to be awarded, they will go to morning sports voice Eric Perkins, who obstained from predicting, but is doing great work away from the predicting field with KARE 11's food fight.

Good deeds off the field count just as much as good deeds on it, and we're happy to see Perk is using his time in a positive manner, as opposed to the way Vikings are allegedly using theirs.

For such an effort, points rain down on #teamperk.

The one to be eliminated this week? Say goodbye to Gallagher, who fell below the elimination mark of -10 points, in a truly disgusting 2013 effort.


"I believe I accurately represented the team we were predicting. The team was bad, I was bad right along with it, so in reality aren't I really the best predictor since I go as the team goes? As long as Joe doesn't win I'm happy."

STANDINGS (last week's scores in parentheses):

Ziemer:13 (12)

Anderson: 3 (3)

Nelson: 1 (4)

Perkins: 0 (-5)



Here are your final four, attempting to hang on to dignity.

Newcomer Aaron Ziemer: Vikings 27, Bears 21

"Now that many Vikings fans have finally come to peace with Christian Ponder starting at quarterback, it's really only because many believe he gives the team the best chance to lose. Many of those fans want the Vikings to get as high a draft pick as possible, probably to replace Ponder. Well now he can't even lose right after a tie on the road at Lambeau."

Night sports-guy Joe Nelson: BYE

Nelson has opted to use his bye week at a critical time in the predictions, though it does ensure him another week in the competition. Being a producer of a radio show you have to be good with timing, and we won't second-guess Paul Allen' producer Nelson this week.

Speaking of Paul Allen, just for fun here's his call of the last 20 seconds of the first game Josh McCown started against the Purple.

Sports Director G.R. Anderson: Vikings 27, Bears 21

"Jared Allen will score a touchdown, but will record zero tackles or sacks. Jay Cutler will pout on the sidelines, and the Vikings will avenge an earlier loss."

An incredible turn of events has revealed Ziemer and Anderson with the same prediction, mumbles and grumbles of shock roll through the BMTN newsroom and across the state.

Morning sports voice Eric Perkins: Vikings 20, Bears 20

"The Purple will tie out to finish 2-8-6."

Excellent timing to use that one, Perkins at the top of his game despite everything else he has going on.

He has always been a master of multitasking.

Skating and using a curved stick at the same time, very impressive.

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