Barkley on Wolves: 'They gotta be one of the dumbest teams I've ever seen in my life'

Towns took just 9 shots in Minnesota's Game 1 loss to Houston.
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After watching the Timberwolves continually fail to get the ball to Karl-Anthony Towns when he was matched up with smaller Houston defenders on Sunday night, Charles Barkley called them "one of the dumbest teams" he's ever seen. 

"They gotta be one of the dumbest teams I've ever seen in my life," Barkley said. "The Houston Rockets switch every pick-n-roll. There's mismatches all over the floor. They never take advantage of any mismatches."

Shaquille O'Neal then interrupted: "They don't want their coach to get mad and start yelling."  

Barkley continued: "There was five or six times where they switched Chris Paul to big KAT, and he cleared out instead of him getting Chris Paul or James Harden down in the box. That's not good basketball."

Here's some video proof of what Barkley is talking about. 

"The fact that Karl Towns fans out to the corner when he has a mismatch, I don't get it," Chris Webber says in the video. 


Airball by Butler ends Wolves' chances in Game 1 loss

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Towns, who averaged 21.3 points and 12.8 rebounds and had a league-high 68 double-doubles during the regular season, finished with 8 points on 3-of-9 shooting in 40 minutes. 

"If they're going to switch, we have to make the right reads," Thibodeau said, via ESPN. "If we're making the right plays, the game will tell you who's going to get the shots. And as long as we take good shots, then I think we're going to score." 

It was the 11th game this season that Towns has had fewer than 10 field-goal attempts. 

"I know he's young, but he's the man on the team. He still needs to demand the ball," Shaq added. "When they switch and the little guy plays him, all the guards telling him to clear out. No, you don't move. You say 'no, give me the ball, throw me the ball' so he can score or create for other players." 

Game 2 is Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in Houston. 

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